Information about the student support on offer from student advisers, teaching operations, programme directors, course organisers, and the Student Development Team.

Student Services

We have developed a specialised and professional student support model, delivered by a team of dedicated student advisers and a wellbeing adviser.

You will have a named student adviser, and they will be your first point of contact within the School and, depending on your requirements, they may then refer you on to other staff for support.

Student advisers will offer advice on course choices and will sign you up to courses, if this has not already been done. The student adviser will also confirm your attendance at University, which is a key aspect of the matriculation process. You can request to meet 1-to-1 with your student adviser when you need to, and you can go to them to discuss your support needs and special circumstances.

You can go to your student adviser throughout the year if you are facing challenges or if you are worried about something. If you are facing serious ongoing challenges or are in crisis, your case may be escalated by the student adviser to the Student Services Manager and Wellbeing Adviser, and/or the Senior Tutor.

Student advisers will be located on the ground floor of the Business School. You can find who your student adviser is by referring to your student record within EUCLID.

Learn more about how our specially trained staff, academics and fellow students work together to provide you with guidance and support when needed.

Contact us

The Student Services Team are available 09:00⁠–⁠17:00, Monday to Friday.


Ground Floor, Room GF.12
Business School
29 Buccleuch Place

Telephone: 0131 651 5251

Meet your Student Advisors

Teaching Operations

The Teaching Operations Team works closely with your PGT programme directors, UG programme leads, course organisers, student advisers, and the Student Development Team, and are responsible for the smooth administration of all elements of your programme and courses throughout your year in Edinburgh.

The main purpose of Teaching Operations is to ensure your smooth progression through the programme. We administer all teaching and assessment processes, exam boards, and publication of marks and awards.

The team also works closely with student advisers and student programme representatives to ensure there is a flow of information between the programme and our office, academic staff, and other professional services.

Contact us

The Teaching Operations Team are available 09:00⁠–⁠17:00, Monday to Friday.


Ground Floor, Room GF.15
Business School
29 Buccleuch Place

Postgraduate programme directors

Your programme director is your first line of academic support, responsible for the running of your programme, supporting your academic development and facilitating your orientation and progression through the degree. For information on your programme director, please see your specific programme joining page:

Joining information for MSc students

Undergraduate Programme Leads and Year Heads

Programme leads will manage your degree programme and build community and cohort identity for students, facilitate regular opportunities for programme feedback, as well as working with the student advisers as a source of academic guidance.

Programme Leads

Programme name Programme lead
Accounting and Business MA (Hons) Yew Ming Chia
Accounting and Finance MA (Hons) Maria Michou
Business and Economics MA (Hons) Nick Myers
Business and Geography MA (Hons) Ian Graham
Business and Law MA (Hons) Ian Graham
Business and Management MA (Hons) Stephen Dunne, Mustapha Douch, Kristina Auxtova
Business with Decision Analytics MA (Hons) Maurizio Tomasella
Business with Enterprise and Innovation MA (Hons) Debbie Crompton
Business with Human Resource Management MA (Hons) Debora Gottardello
Business with Marketing MA (Hons) Jen Yule and Pauline Ferguson
Business and Strategic Economics MA (Hons) Nick Myers
Finance and Business MA (Hons) Lucy Liu
International Business MA (Hons) Ling Liu
International Business with Chinese MA (Hons) Marta Bernal
International Business with French MA (Hons Marta Bernal
International Business with German MA (Hons) Marta Bernal
International Business with Italian MA (Hons) Marta Bernal
International Business with Japanese MA (Hons) Marta Bernal
International Business with Spanish MA (Hons) Marta Bernal

Year Head

Every year group has an academic member of staff in the role of the Year Head who is responsible for reviewing and monitoring the year's academic content and eliciting and responding to student feedback. Working with the programme leads, year heads deliver induction sessions focusing on issues relevant to that particular year of study, and provide continuing support throughout the year. For Year 1 there is a particular emphasis on induction and transitioning to life at university, as well as promoting peer-assisted learning and building skills to enhance your student experience.

Your Year Head is:

Tara Morrison

Tara Morrison

Lecturer in Business Education and Deputy Director of UG Programmes