Throughout the University there are a range of student-led peer support services, and the Business School PALs (BizPALs) scheme, started in 2013, is one of the largest.

BizPALs are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year student volunteers and are fully trained to support undergraduate students in their academic and social transition to University.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Welcome new students!

As your new Student Support Leaders, Sanjana and Simran would like to welcome you all to the Business School. We are both Year 4 students studying Business with Marketing and Psychology and Business, respectively. Sanjana is from India and has lived in Middle East for the past 19 years, and Simran is from Singapore.

We are responsible for overseeing the BizPALs by working closely with students, School staff, and the Student Association.

Throughout the year, we work hard to ease your transition into university and provide you with additional support and resources to ensure your success in all aspects of university life.

BizPALs schemes provide academic (SkillsPALS, AccountancyPALs, and FinancePALs) and social/advisory (BizNetwork) support. Academic schemes run weekly sessions to assist students during their first year of study and facilitate learning content. BizNetwork connects you with your peers as well as later year students to seek advice from and build a strong network. The scheme will be running events throughout the year to help you grow your connections within the Business School.

BizPALs will be hosting a wide variety of events throughout Welcome Week to kickstart your journey with the Business School. Look out for emails, check out the EUSA website, the UG New Students Facebook page for updates and our Instagram page (@bizpalsedinburgh). Feel free to get in contact with us by email if you have any questions ahead of or during the semester.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sanjana and Simran


BizPALs Peer Support Schemes

BizPALs are here to support you during your transition into university study and life. We are a team of fully trained Business School undergraduate volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, studying on different degree programmes, and with a wide range of student experiences.

Our PALs are from a variety of backgrounds, studying on different degree programmes, and with a wide range of student experiences. They offer advice to help you make the most of your time here and get the best from all aspects of university life.

We facilitate academic support through PALs such as BizSkills, AccountancyPALs, and FinancePALs. We also coordinate BizNetwork and work closely with the Student Development team to provide pastoral support and professional development.


Supports first year business students by providing course specific support, informative content covering key university systems and life outside of study, and best practices for essay writing and presentations. These vital skills and techniques will allow you to successfully navigate university study in your first year and beyond.


Supports first and second year accountancy courses. Weekly sessions run for Accountancy 1A, Accountancy 1B, Accounting for Business, and Accountancy 2A. These sessions cover the material taught in lectures and tutorials, facilitating learning between students to deepen their understanding of course content.


Supports the second semester course ‘Introduction to Financial Markets’ through sessions covering material taught in lectures and tutorials, as well as providing advice for assessments.


Connects first year students with volunteers in later years. This provides you with a direct school contact to seek advice from, and to learn from students who have gone through similar experiences in their university transition. We also run social events to allow you to connect with your peers. Our volunteers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide you through your first year.

BizPALs provides a broad range of support to aid your transition. While we do not teach material, we work hard to facilitate learning between students and set you up for success during your academic career.

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Welcome Week Activities

You can connect with the PALs and the BizNetworks during Welcome Week, when they will be participating in online and live events. Find your new student guide in the University of Edinburgh Events app or Facebook group:

We will keep you posted on all activities using the BizPALs Instagram. This is also where BizPALs will answer your questions and keep you up-to-date with Business School undergraduate information and forthcoming events.

BizPALs on Instagram